Our Services

Project Management

With experience in both traditional and Agile delivery methodologies, our team is uniquely positioned to understand not just “how” to deliver value, but “when” to leverage the RIGHT techniques to achieve your goals.

Training & Education

Organizations thrive when team members are optimized through growth and development. Our professional services can customize and build training and educational content for multiple delivery applications. Through partnership, we provide collaborative engagements that speak “with” your team, and not “to” your team.

Process Improvement

As organizations recognize the need to inspect and adapt, our team has the experience and the dedication needed to ensure that existing processes are maximized, and that new processes are developed to have a lasting effect on the realization of value.

Our Story

Rooted in delivery, grown through relationships
We MEAN Business!

Bulldog Consulting Services began in 2007 with a simple idea, provide project management and process improvement capabilities to organizations in search of excellence. We are successful because we exhibit the qualities of our namesake, the Bulldog. We are loyal, intelligent, and most importantly, persistent! When we sink our teeth into a project, we MEAN business. That translates into projects delivered on-time, within budget, and aligned with business objectives. Our reputation is built around an insistence on continuous improvement and the highest degree of quality in all efforts we undertake. Our energy and enthusiasm inspires stakeholders and encourages change that facilitates a competitive advantage for our clients.

See what our customers are saying

Our philosophy on our customers is simple. Their perception of us is our reality.