Bulldog is a proud women-owned business registered and ready to support government agencies through project management, process improvements, corporate training, and business consulting.


Cage Code: 68BV1

NAICS: 541611, 541618, 541519, 541613, 541614, 541990, 561110, 561320, 561499, 611430

WBE: WBE Certified

WOSB: WOSB Certification – in progress


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If you need a Bulldog, please contact Sharon Miller, smiller@bulldogmeansbusiness.com, 260.209.3800

Bulldog provides experienced Project Managers in both traditional and agile delivery methodologies to partner in the implementation of our client’s complex initiatives.

As a boutique consulting company that pours itself into challenging and developing its team members, Bulldog successfully delivers Project Management services in both traditional and agile methodologies. This is accomplished by putting our partners at ease with the knowledge that a Bulldog is at the helm expertly navigating through complex project deliveries.

  • Decades of experience in Project Management, Program/Portfolio Management, and Project Support.
  • Dedicated team with proven success forecasting and managing project budgets, and scope, while creating and managing PMO processes.
  • Strong Project Managers that partner with you to ensure a successful delivery.
  • Project Managers diverse in knowledge, skills, and techniques to supplement efforts as projects move through delivery lifecycles.
  • Bulldogs go the extra mile and demonstrate clear commitment to projects including an exuberance of energy and attention to detail.
  • As an independent third-party vendor, Bulldog brings impartial, experienced leadership to help understand and plan projects.
  • Assistance completing projects in a timely and efficient manner.
  • We consider ourselves as members of your team. That means that we take full ownership over the success of our work and the impact that we’re making.
  • Bulldogs are uniquely positioned to come through in the client space with creative solutions to unique problems.

Always looking for opportunities to improve and maximize value, Bulldog has a team of Lean Six Sigma certified process improvement gurus that are capable and eager to learn about your process breakdown and uniquely solution it for success.

Bulldogs are equipped with Lean Six Sigma certifications and long-standing successful experience getting our hands dirty; together positioning the team to efficiently and thoughtfully identify not just a cause of a process breakdown, but the root cause itself so that the process can be uniquely re-solutioned; standing up measures for long term sustainability and powerful maximization of your resources.

  • Expertise in identifying root causes of process problems, where processes aren’t delivering as expected, including those with too much rework and errors.
  • Placing the customer as the top priority, Bulldog works in a step by step manner to enhance pre-existing processes or to design new processes.
  • Focuses on elimination of bottlenecks, system performance gaps, variations, and inefficiencies to ensure high functioning and efficient process performance.
  • Review and documentation of current state processes and procedures, identifying inefficiencies and recommendations.
  • Creation of future state roadmap, workflow analysis, and final recommendations.
  • Significant, experienced leadership in process assessments.
  • Impartial guidance on where and how to best invest resources to achieve the greatest return on investment.
  • Process Improvements aren’t a guessing game. Bulldogs walk in with sleeves rolled up, capable and ready to jump in and do the work to uncover and understand the breakdown and uniquely solution your team for longstanding, measurable success.

Under our strategic services division, Bulldog provides a team ready to document and manage core project deliverables.

Consistently delivering high level, complex project initiatives ourselves, Bulldogs know the utter, undeniable importance of the creation and management of core project deliverables and processes. In the words of Michael Jordan, “get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.”

  • Throughout the entire lifecycle of your project, the Bulldogs are equipped to provide thoughtful, fast-paced, business analysis services.
  • A core objective of our business analysis team is to analyze, communicate, document and evaluate core business requirements for projects and business processes.
  • The Bulldog team has the business and technical experience to create specifications which outline clear functional and non-functional requirements, as well as, traceability matrices.
  • Following the completion of requirements, the team will step into test preparation activities, including establishing test strategy, test environments, test cases and detailed test scripts.
  • Quality Assurance testing, and defect resolution: the Bulldog team will bridge the gap, ask the right questions, and get the job done.
  • We listen to you! We absorb what’s being said to ensure that all our efforts are in alignment with our customer’s objectives.
  • All team members have strong documentation, evaluation, and communication skills. This positively impacts our ability to understand problems and effectively identify solutions.
  • Bulldogs are ready to implement fast, implement right, and implement under budget.

We customize and build training and educational content for multiple delivery applications.

Will Rogers once said, “even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Teams thrive when the people within it are firing on all cylinders and optimized through continuous growth and development. The Bulldog team builds and delivers customized training and educational content.

Through sincere, and invested partnership, we provide collaborative engagement and speak “with” your team and not “to” your team. As with all our partnerships, we consider your success as important as our own.

  • Standardized courses include: Project Management, Business Communication, Sales, Leadership, Management, Customer Service, and Intricacies of Personnel Management.
  • Project Management overview courses created and led by an in-practice project manager.
  • Personalized courses are also available which include Bulldog immersion and customized training approaches, enabling clients to receive tailored content to meet organizational needs.
  • Content delivery is based on proven adult learning theory, in which attendees are engaged in a two-way participatory environment where collective experience and insight are leveraged to create meaningful dialogue.
  • Experience identifying gaps, solving department and organizational issues and subsequent bundling of education and training to then hand-off the management to teams equipped to successfully carry forward.