Colin Chin

You interview everyday.

Colin Chin


  • Executive Consulting
  • Process Management
  • Six Sigma Black Belt


  • Continuous Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Talent Development
  • Data Management and Assessment
  • Process Improvement
  • Leadership


  • Financial Services
  • IT Delivery / PMO Standup


University of Illinois at Chicago
– Political Science


  • Successfully implemented a bilingual call center, reducing attrition and handle time, while reinvesting gains to build bench strength.
  • Created new business model to ensure the right work, right place, right people, and repeatable outcomes.
  • Led and completed end-to-end for large core processes, reducing handoffs, failure points and turnaround times.
  • Delivered new processes for flow changes that was adopted and leveraged enterprise-wide.
  • Created and delivered 5-year Business and Technology Roadmap for New Business.
  • Responsible for providing strategic leadership to PMO and IT teams.
  • Built the structure, methodology, governance, and prioritization needed for successful execution of Programs and Projects; this includes work intake prioritization, capacity management, release management, established roles and responsibilities, and documented governance.
  • Implemented communication and escalation processes.
  • Operational support related to process improvements, including data-driven results.
  • Results-oriented leader with a history of success in setting strategy and direction, driving change, managing customer and vendor relationships, and delivering on the intended value proposition of the organization.

Colin Chin

You interview everyday.

As an awarded senior leader, it’s easy to look at his history and see that Colin is wildly capable, but what’s not so obvious off the bat is how invested he is in those around him.  He sees everything as part of a bigger process, supported by technology, which uniquely positions him to consistently identify areas for impactful change.  Where he separates himself is that he’s not only able to identify gaps and opportunities, he’s able to get those around him to understand the need for change, to get on board with the ideas, to be comfortable asking questions and taking ownership so that that they’re best positioned to drive the process going forward.  His greatest satisfaction is seeing the development and success of those around him.  It’s no wonder his teams feel like he just gets it, because he’s consistently taking the time to do exactly that.


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Colin is afraid of sharks.