DM Hire

Doug Massey hired by Bulldog Consulting Services as Vice President, Insurance Automation Services.

Bulldog Consulting Services, LLC, is excited to announce that Doug Massey has been hired to the team as Vice President of Insurance Automation Services. Mr. Massey, brings over 24 years of experience in the insurance technology space to Bulldog Consulting Services. Doug and his team will help our clients understand and implement current industry solutions to automate and streamline the processing and sale of insurance products.

Doug brings a wealth of experience and passion to Bulldog Consulting Services. “Doug is a leader in the Insurance Industry with strong technical and business knowledge, as well as innovative problem solving skills. Doug has worked to define ACORD and IRI standards for straight-thru processing of Life Insurance and Annuity products. His strong work ethic, relationship management, leadership, and integrity fit perfectly with our Bulldog ideals,” said Sharon Miller, President of Bulldog Consulting Services.

Mr. Massey’s immediate priorities will include a focus in the Health Insurance industry to manage automation and process improvement services in a new market for Bulldog. In addition, Bulldog Consulting Services continues to be in high demand with both current and new clients. Doug and his growing team will expand our operational capacity to allow us to better support additional client needs and engagements related to P&C, Life and Annuity technologies for straight through processing.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Bulldog team,” said Mr. Massey. “Bulldog Consulting Services already has an outstanding reputation with its clients by providing outstanding project and process results. My goal is to contribute to the team and to expand the unit capacity to support all the projects our clients expect of us. Our team of experts can save our clients a lot of time, money and effort by helping them understand and efficiently implement life and annuity straight through processing, in-force policy servicing, ACORD and DTCC standards among other things. It’s really about bringing value to our clients and helping those who have not yet implemented some of these industry solutions get in the game as efficiently as possible.”