Bulldog Consulting Services is proud to offer both standard and customized training solutions, and is uniquely positioned to provide superior training programs based on our custom course material as well as on our experience as practitioners in these areas.

We provide corporate training programs on the following topics:

[expand title=”Project Management“]The Project Management course equips the business professional with leading methodologies and best practices in the project management field. Project management knowledge is a pre-requisite for professionals in numerous fields, with organizations identifying project management skills as being critical for success.[/expand]


[expand title=”Sales“]The Sales Success overview course provides a foundation for consultative needs-based sales by laying the groundwork for the selling process using proven sales methodologies. You will learn the skills and tactics of leading sales professionals and take part in engaging exercises to master the approaches. This course covers all the major sales stages and best practices in the industry.[/expand]


[expand title=”Leadership“]The Leadership course stocks the business professional with the skills and techniques needed for effective leadership. Skills that are in demand in every aspect of business and are known as an indispensable element for corporate success. This is a hands-on and interactive session that leverages real world scenarios to develop practical leadership skills.[/expand]


[expand title=”Business Communications“]The Business Communication course sets the business professional up with proven communication skills and lays down business communication as a foundation. You will interactively explore the process of communication in the business environment, supporting an understanding of how to make the best choices in day to day communication.[/expand]


[expand title=”Business Etiquette“]The Business Etiquette and Professionalism program will develop the fundamentals of business etiquette and the proper etiquette practices for varied business encounters. Participants will learn the etiquette standards for meeting, entertaining, virtual and in-person interactions. Even more so, this module will address the challenges when doing business in a multi-cultural environment.[/expand]


[expand title=”Business Management“]The Business Management course signifies a global and every day approach to Business Management and is critical for every business person, manager, supervisor or career-minded individual.[/expand]


Our trainers are certified instructors and provide training in such a way as to engage participants in a truly collaborative environment in which learning takes place via two way communication, rather than lecture.

Courses can be built for both onsite and online delivery; one-time or recurring delivery; and, include many additional options.  In addition, Bulldog Consulting Services will work with you to design and build custom training programs designed to impact your business and address the most unique of needs. Due to the variety of content available and our desire to meet your needs, please contact us using the form below for additional details.

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