The Bulldog Advantage

Unlike major consulting firms, we’re hungry! Like a dog with a bone, we won’t let go of an issue until it’s been fully dissected, analyzed, and resolved to your satisfaction. We’re passionate, diligent and determined.

You can rely on us to be direct and honest. We’ll ask the tough questions and provide the unbiased and business critical answers that internal stakeholders may find difficult to obtain. Moreover, we will bring a wealth of energy, enthusiasm, and a quest for excellence that makes working with us an extreme benefit.

Because we believe that no single methodology can resolve every problem, our proprietary BULLDOG process melds a unique blend of Six Sigma, Lean, Total Quality Management, and Project Management methodologies to ensure the successfultwo working dogs completion of all initiatives that we undertake, from re-engineering, product implementation, and workflow design to business analysis, EDI implementation, and process improvements.


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