Whether you’re looking for a facilitator or a hands-on approach, Bulldog Consulting Services offers a broad range of services to meet the project management and process improvement needs of all companies, regardless of size or industry. We work with any organization that seeks independent, objective expertise to identify improvement opportunities as well as businesses that require exceptional project management skills to implement change initiatives, new products, or system deployments.

Bulldog Consulting Services brings an end-to-end view to our analysis of a process, leveraging a voice-of-the-customer philosophy to define success in our client’s terms, from both a customer and business value-added perspective. Our BULLDOG Process blends a combination of Six Sigma, Lean, Total Quality Management, and Project Management methodologies. While we have a variety of tools at our disposal, we understand that every project requires flexibility and a customized approach. Sometimes, the problem and the solution are clear, and we can just hit the ground running, avoiding “analysis paralysis”, a common complaint that clients say they experience when dealing with larger consulting firms.

Our core capabilities and services include:blocks inspiration

  • Project & Program Management
  • Corporate Training Services
  • Insurance Automation Services
  • Process Assessment & Improvement
  • Business Analysis
  • Documentation and Training


Project & Program Management: Whether your Portfolio, Program or Project entails system migration, workflow design and optimization, new production implementation or electronic data interchange (EDI), our project managers can help you implement it.  We utilize a robust array of techniques and tools for planning, executing and monitoring all phases of the initiative to ensure that it stays on track, remains within budget and meets all business requirements. Plus, we bring a wealth of energy and enthusiasm to help gain buy-in from internal stakeholders and facilitate productive collaboration, using the supporting technology, methodology and PMO infrastructure that already exists at your company.

Corporate Training Services: We offer both standard courses, as well as, the option to create custom courses that are tailored to your company’s specific needs. Bulldog training not only draws from a rich history of proven success in training, but also from our own experience as practitioners in the areas in which we train: Project Management, Sales, Leadership, Business Communication, Business Etiquette, and Business Management. To learn more, visit our Corporate Training Services page.

Insurance Automation Services: We help financial institutions, distributors, and leading insurance carriers navigate the complexity of implementing Life and Annuity industry standards.  We are experienced with ACORD standards and DTCC layouts.  Our industry experts can implement and support multiple order entry and point of sales systems, assist with data mappings, build product profiles and forms based on industry standards, and provide consulting services for your new industry efforts.  Visit our Insurance Automation Services page to learn more.

Process Assessment & Improvement: We bring a customer-centric, systematic approach to business process analysis to identify and resolve process or system performance gaps, and to recommend opportunities to streamline and reduce cycle time. We immerse ourselves in the process to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the workflow, as well as, stakeholder concerns, allowing us to get directly to the root cause of poor quality, variation, and non-value-adding activities … and eliminate it.  We will provide recommendations in order to reengineer the process, while leveraging best practices.

Business Analysis: One of the most daunting and critical components of any project is making sure that solution requirements are properly aligned with business objectives and clearly understood by all key stakeholders. Bulldog Consulting Services can provide a solid foundation by accurately identifying and specifying user, business, functional and quality requirements to ensure a high-value, well-scoped project. Whether you decide to implement our recommendations using your own internal resources or have us manage the project, you can rest assured that you will be fully prepared to launch a successful project that will garner significant, sustained business value.

Documentation and Training: A documentation strategy helps businesses set the standard for their work; this provides the business leader and manager an opportunity to ensure continuity, accountability, performance, and high quality. Many businesses lack a documentation process, which is a valuable asset to the business’ success. Bulldog Consulting Services assesses current organizational processes, creates related process maps, offers prioritized improvement opportunities, and provides clearly written documentation. We then train staff to learn to use tools effectively to create and modify standard operating procedures and processes, improving productivity and profitability. Bulldog Consulting Services develops training materials and offers businesses an invaluable standard for work.

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